Harry Whitehorse International

Wood Sculpture Festival

JUNE 14 – JUNE 22, 2024

A week of wood sculpture and community at San Damiano in Monona, Wisconsin.

Fri., June 14 • 5 pm
Opening Ceremony
Ho-Chunk Color Guard, Thundercloud Singers, and Dancers

June 15 -22 • 9 am – 5 pm
Artist Working Hours

Sat., June 22 • 5 pm
Closing Ceremony & Reception


The Harry Whitehorse International Wood Sculpture Festival pays tribute to the late Monona, Wisconsin sculptor Harry Whitehorse by hosting a festival that celebrates the art of contemporary and traditional wood sculpting. Eleven world-renowned sculptors will join us for a weeklong artist-in-residence. The Festival, inspired by the tradition of international  sculpture symposiums, will feature the creation of new sculptures, an exhibition of previous works, demonstrations, food, and entertainment.

Unique & Innovative

This is the first invitational International Festival (Symposium) ever dedicated to an indigenous person. It brings global culture to our neighborhood and creates connections with community, indigenous and international artists in a way that’s never been done before.

Gene Delcourt

Gene Delcourt is a wood sculptor living in Madison, WI. During his MFA studies at UW-Madison he sought Harry Whitehorse’s guidance to further his studies. Harry convinced Gene to attend international wood carving symposiums abroad, leading him to participate in six European events. His dream was to bring an event like this home and the first annual Harry Whitehorse International Wood Sculpture Festival was born.

Photo: © 2023 Gregory Bleck Friends of San Damiano

The Site: San Damiano

Dejope, the ancestral home of the Ho-Chunk, will be the site of the waterfront Festival Village, known in modern times as San Damiano in Monona, WI.


Featured Artists

Twelve world-renowned wood sculpture artists are participating in the Festival for a week-long artist in residency.

Eugene Alfred

Northern Tutchone & Tlingit
Mayo, Yukon Territory, Canada

Annegret Kalvelage

Gernsbach, Germany

Linda Lou Metoxen

Montello, Wisconsin

Carlos Olivera Aguirre

Cusco, Peru

Lidia Rosińska

Zakopane, Poland

Ihor Tkachivsky


Gene Delcourt

Abenaki & Filipino
Madison, Wisconsin

Simone Carole Levy

Herrliberg, Switzerland

Mert Kaan Burnaz

Eskisehir, Turkey

Gadadhar Ojha

Brou-sur-Chantereine, France

Oldrich Pliska

Halenkovice, Czech Republic

Thorsten Schütt

Horsten, Germany

We Want To Thank Our Sponsors

This project is supported by Dane County Arts with additional funds from the Endres Mfg. Company Foundation; The Evjue Foundation, Inc., charitable arm of The Capital Times; the W. Jerome Frautschi Foundation; and the Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation.

We Want To Thank Our In-Kind Sponsors

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