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The Effigy Tree after restoration in 1997.











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August 2007:

The Effigy Tree sculpture has been removed from its Hudson Park site by the City of Madison and taken to Harry Whitehorse's Monona studio. Wisconsin weather and insects have taken their toll on the sixteen-year-old wood sculpture. Harry is set to make repairs but the ultimate fate of the statue rests with the Hudson Park neighborhood and other concerned community members. There are several options under consideration including re-siting the repaired wood sculpture, casting in bronze, or replicating in stone.

There is a public meeting about the sculpture on Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at the Pinney Branch Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road, in Madison, Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2007 at 7:00pm at the Pinney Branch Library, 204 Cottage Grove Road, there will be a public meeting to discuss the future of the sculpture Effigy Tree (1991), by sculptor Harry Whitehorse.
Effigy Tree is a site-specific work that was commissioned by community members when lightening struck a full-grown hackberry tree on an effigy mound at what is now 2930 Lakeland Ave. in Madison.
This sculpture has become significantly damaged by decay in the last 16 years and measures must be taken to prevent the work from deteriorating beyond repair.
The Madison Arts Commission (MAC), an 11-member body appointed by the Mayor to advise the City on public policy matters relating to arts and culture, is concerned about this sculpture’s poor condition.
MAC would like to gather information from the community about their feelings regarding the future of this piece of art. Karin Wolf, the city’s Arts Program Administrator, recently met with sculptor Harry Whitehorse to discuss his artistic intent and his wishes for the future of this piece.
Whitehorse followed up with a written document that outlines the history of this work and his wishes for Effigy Tree (forwarded upon request). Harry Whitehorse will be present at Wednesday's meeting. His preservation statement and other options will be shared and discussed at the community meeting on September 5 as well.
The City of Madison has transported Effigy Tree to Whitehorse Gallery and Studio to begin conservation work. No decisions about what will happen with the work once it is restored will be made until after the public has been heard on this issue.

For more information please contact:
Karin Wolf, Arts Program Administrator
Madison Arts Commission
608.261.9134 phone
608.267.8739 fax

Effigy Tree Removal, August 21, 2007